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What Is The Difference Between Web Development & UI/UX Design?

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What Is The Difference Between Web Development & UI/UX Design?

Web Development is when web developers write the code to bring web designs and ideas into life. Web developers use languages like HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, and many more. IWeb development is this process when web developers connect the code to real data through databases and APIs, After everything is done, testing is required to ensure that their code works properly.

Web Design is much like the modern day graphic design wherein a trained web designer will create visual designs for a website.

A web designer must possess the skills in the following area, in order to be successful in creating web designs for clients:

  • creative concepts
  • color theory
  • typography
  • icon development
  • diagrams
  • infographics 
  • interactivity, i.e., rollovers, drop-down menus, digital slideshows, call-to-action buttons, and forms

There are 2 types of web designs that a web designer must be familiar with:

UX Design is the acronym for “User Experience” Design. This type of web design has the following coverage:

  • User Experience Design is where the process of development and improvement of the website’s quality interaction between a user and everything that is about the website owner’s brand.
  • User Experience Design is the one responsible for being hands-on with many processes, but more specifically on research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results.
  • User Experience Design is theoretically a non-digital (cognitive science) practice but is used and defined predominantly by digital industries.

UI Design stands for “User Interface” Design, which originated from the software world in which the User Interface of a product IS the actual product. This type of web design has the following coverage:

  • User Interface Design is the one responsible for the transfer of a website’s strengths and visual assets into a product’s interface so that it will make the website user’s experience better.
  • User Interface Design is a system of methods that include guiding the website user through a website’s interface through interactive elements, including all sizes and platforms.
  • User Interface Design is basically a digital field. This includes the responsibility of web developers when it comes to coding.